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Reverse Auction Software
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“The software solution paid off after the first few auctions!”

University Hospital Centre Zagreb, CPO

Why to Choose Ensolva Reverse Auction Software?

Have you ever paid good money for something and later figured out a better deal was right in front of you? With Ensolva eAuction software specialized for Procurement, never ever pay through the nose for anything! Simply invite all the suppliers you’d like to cooperate with and launch an e-auction. By letting suppliers compete with each other, you’ll get the real market prices and save a lot of precious time

Productivity increase.

Financial savings.

Same criteria for everyone.

Time savings.

No face-to-face negotiation.

Real market prices.


For the past year, University Hospital Centre Zagreb has collaborated with Ensolva in the preparation and implementation of e-auctions in simple procurement procedures.

Significant savings over this period have been achieved – we saved over 12% on average compared to planned prices and the software solution paid off after a few auctions. In addition to that, we have drastically reduced the time we earlier spent collecting bids and negotiating with suppliers.

Considering the specificity of each line item, it is difficult to put everything in the same basket. We are thrilled that Ensolva offers different types of reverse auctions with a whole set of settings and parameters that can be adjusted.

Ensolva brings financial savings, new knowledge, time savings, and thus cost-effective and efficient procurement.”

Josip Jerleković, univ. spec. ing. log., CPO, University Hospital Centre Zagreb

Plans and Prices


$98/1 month (Billed monthly)
  • up to three auctions

    up to $100.000 of auction value

    unlimited suppliers

    no customer service


$280/month (Billed quarterly)
  • up to 20 auctions

    $1.000.000 of total auction value

    unlimited suppliers

    customer service


$330/month (Billed annually)
  • up to 100 auctions

    unlimited auction value

    unlimited suppliers

    6 hours of customer service


$490/month (Billed annually)
  • unlimited number of auctions

    unlimited auction value

    unlimited suppliers

    12 hours of customer service

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!
That’s why we give you a 14-days money-back guarantee!

eAuction for the Purchase of Work Clothes

  • Japanese reverse auction
  • 4 supliers
  • Auction duration: 19 minutes
  • Savings: 13%

From the series of eAuctions we had the opportunity to work on, we would also highlight the one for the procurement of work clothes. In this situation we chose to use the Japanese reverse auction because the prices among suppliers were very diverse. eAuctions gave us the opportunity to get the best price on the market, and gain savings of 13% in comparison to the lowest bid on the tender. Four suppliers participated in the auction, and the auction lasted only 19 minutes.

eAuction for the Procurement of Maintenance Services

  • English reverse auction
  • More than 10 suppliers
  • Auction duration: 1 hour
  • Savings: 35%

A company that has its offices throughout the country launched an eAuction for maintenance services. Given that the offices are dislocated in several counties, eAuctions were launched for each county separately. Over 10 suppliers participated in this eAuction and the English reverse auction was used. Without eAuctions, this process would take over 2 weeks to be done, and this way the best deal was agreed in just an hour. The company managed to achieve savings of 35% compared to the lowest price achieved on the tender.

eAuction for Fuel Procurement

  • Japanese reverse auction
  • Unit of measure: percentage
  • 2 suppliers
  • Savings: 12%

On the auction for fuel procurement we’ve done, we’ve chosen to use a Japanese reverse auction. Given that fuel prices are constantly changing, we have decided not to put the price up for auction, but the discount, so the unit wasn’t a monetary value, but a percentage. Only two suppliers participated in the auction, which was an additional reason for the selection of Japanese reverse auction. The savings compared to the lowest price achieved on the tender exceeded 12%.

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