“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”
(W. Edwards Deming)

6 Reasons Why Successful Businesses Choose Ensolva

Successful Spend Management directly affects revenue – therefore smart procurement is a priority of successful entrepreneurs. Digitalization of procurement has radically changed the way of doing business and plays a key role in the era of modern management where data analysis is the foundation for decision making.

RIS Software is a leading IT company in the region that is specialized for the development of smart solutions in the area of spend management – electronic procurement and spend analysis. The procurement sector carries out a tremendous amount of operational work and situations happen when it is not clear for whom, what and how many items need to be procured. Also, this operational work generates huge amounts of documentation that is often archived in different places (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, office closets etc.). The consequence is a pile of unmanageable data and the inability to truly control company cash flows. Ensolva integrates the entire procurement process and brings numerous benefits to users! These are the six main reasons why successful entrepreneurs choose Ensolva:

1. Just one successful e-Auction can repay the purchase of Ensolva

Lack of funds is simply not a good argument for not investing in the procurement software. E-auctions give you the opportunity to get most competitive prices of products needed, since bidders compete directly and the whole process is very transparent. This way, procurement professionals can be sure they have accepted the best offer. E-auctions help you achieve direct savings – sometimes only one auction is needed to return the funds invested in purchasing the software!

2. Saves time and money

Ensolva simplifies ordering and approval processes, as well as enables real-time management and monitoring of procurement projects. This way, procurement professionals have all the data needed for creating detailed analysis, which gives them the possibility to take actions on time. Ensolva reduces risks, overcomes challenges and saves your time and money. Research has shown that procurement professionals that use Ensolva have 3x more time for other tasks and 50% lower operating costs. Considering that, procurement professionals have more time for thinking and innovating business processes, which brings positive effects not only for them but also for the company they work for.

3. Takes care about your money

Since procurement is a process that generates an enormous amount of data, without a software solution, it’s really hard to control and monitor expenses in real time. Analysis thus becomes a hard process that requires a great amount of time but doesn’t give accurate results as the procurement software does. Ensolva records every activity and provides instant insight into procurement status and costs. This way, procurement professionals are able to monitor expenses continually.

4. Centralizes procurement

Procurement professionals are overwhelmed with paperwork – both in physical and digital form. Documentation is often stored in different places and it’s rather difficult to get the information you need timely. That’s exactly why Ensolva manages all procurement phases of an organization! All information is in one place, available at any time. It is a great way to get rid of unwanted additional expenses at the end of the month.

5. Manages all procurement processes, integrates all participants, enables spend management and control

Have you ever been in a situation the procurement process took too long and the reason for this was documentation “stuck” in process, waiting for approval? With Ensolva, such situations become the past! The entire procurement process is digitalized, making it easier to communicate in real time. This way, you’re only a few clicks away from successfully proceeding with your procurement project!

6. Last but not least important, it complies with the principles of ecology

Paper is a material produced by processing wood with the addition of chemical substances and water. Aside from the destruction of forests, many chemicals used in this process have harmful effects not only for the environment, but also for humans. By reducing the use of paper and wood in general, we restore forests their essential role – oxygen production. There’s a great reason for forests being called lungs of the Earth – survival of forests is invaluably important for the complete survival of our planet. Preserve nature and use Ensolva in your procurement process. With Ensolva, procurement is running digitally and no paper is wasted!